Friday, July 18, 2014

What we eat day 17: Dishes from 3 cultures

Baked goods from Chinese bakery...

Goya Chanpuru, stir fried edamame and bean curd skin, beets, carrots, kohlrabi salad

Chinese dish - stir fry edamame, sheet of bean curd skin and green onions with salt, pepper and sugar

Okinawan dish - stir fry bitter melon, tofu, salted pork and egg with dashi, soysauce and little bit of sugar. Add bonito flakes at the end

Arrangement of root vegetable slaw from Jerusalem cookbook. Used kohlrabi instead of celery root. It's all good...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What we eat day 16: hopefully the last big shopping of the month

bag of rice
potatoes, beets, kohlrabi, onion, string beans,
chives, vietnamese spinach, bitter melon, green onions,
taro potatoes, basil, pea sprouts, bean sprouts, shimeji, soybean sheets
tofu, miso, 2 bags of egg noodles, rice stick noodles, shrimp ball, frozen udon,
konnyaku(yam cake), seasoned peanuts, ginger, lotus root, sliced pork bellies, crab meat

$73 at Ranch 99 Market - will cook more Asian food next few weeks

Shen Kee bakery - just needed toast bread but they had $10 minimum charge for credit card...



home-made pickled daikon and string beans stir-fried with szechuan peppercorn, salt, pepper and sake

stir-fried pea sprouts with garlic and ginger

curry noodle with fishballs. Used leftover curry from yesterday for soup base

What we eat day 15: Losing cooking mojo

Thai beef sandwich at Little House Cafe

whole milk, potatoes, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, ice cream and lemonade
 In mid-month I always get tired and lose interest in cooking a bit. Asked 4 year old what she wanted for dinner and she asked for curry. So just grabbed few ingredients for that. $17

Curry with banh mi bread
Was thinking of making Vietnamese beef stew with banh mi bread, but per daughter's request I just made Japanese curry.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What we eat day 14: Monday

coffee, yogurt and watermelon
wheat berry, scrambled egg with spinach, potato croquette

Chuka-don, koya-dofu, fava beans, miso soup with daikon

What we eat day 13: World Cup FInal


 World Cup final viewing and BBQ party at friend's house. Too busy eating and watching the game, not many photos.


Too full from BBQ, had quick sandwich using banh mi bread

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What we eat day 12: Birthday Party!

coffee, yogurt with homemade strawberry jam, left over birthday favor
Birthday Party!

We had such a busy day celebrating our 4 year old's birthday with friends. We also provided face painting and giant bubble show by ourselves, and had barely a chance to take lots of pictures...


geez, I even don't have good close-up picture of b-day cake! We ordered a sheet of strawberry shortcake from my super favorite patisserie Norina. Her European style cakes are all awesome and birthday cake was just gorgeous. I'm asking around friends to send some photos...

Lomo saltado, tomatoes, cabbage slaw and rice
Totally exhausted but we somehow made quick dinner. Tomatoes are from in-law's garden.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What we eat day 11: Another birthday!


Tea, sliced cucumbers, egg salad sandwich,  arugula

preschool lunch box: cucumber and prosciutto sandwich, egg salad sandwich, home-made strawberry jam sandwich

It's our daughter's 4th birthday! Spent half of the day baking cookies for b-day party favor.  I lost count how many cookies I baked - almost 200? Brought some to daughter's preschool for afternoon snack. 


watermelon, chips, eggs, olive oil, organic carrots, all purpose flour, edamame, Japanese snacks
Non-stop shopping continues. More ingredients for cookies and snacks for b-day party. Hmm, should I set these aside from food budget? I will log this anyways. $25


rice, egg salad, arugula and tomato salad, tofu with bonito flake, stir-fried vegetables with soysauce, curry powder and butter, left-over string bean and peach salad
After several hours of baking my brain started farting and I almost asked for eating out. I resisted somehow and pulled out some left over salads and stir-fried some vegetables left in the fridge.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What we eat day 10: Still shopping!!


coffee, toast, fruits, yogurt

lunch at friend's place. Various pickled vegetables, chicken and turnip, beets, cooked soybeans with vegetables 
..and hand made mitarashi-dango!

Burger again....!
As papa didn't need dinner that night, we just went back to Barron's again, this time for a whole burger and fries. Daughter had grilled cheese. $20


Eggs, butter, ketchup, mayo
Usually I just go grocery shopping once in 1.5 week, but I can't believe I've already made so many trips this month. It's papa and daughter's birthday week + lots of condiments are running out. I still need to buy olive oil and bag of rice. Bought butter and eggs to make cookies to bring to daughter's preschool. Also need to buy more stuff for her b-day party this weekend! This is a special month. $15

What we eat day 9: more peach dishes!


coffee, cereal

wheat berry in vegetable soup with fried egg
 Kinda throw together lunch with wheat berries, vegetable soup from last night, spinach and fried egg. Takes about an hour to cook wheat berries, so when I have time I cook them in a batch and store them in the freezer.

peach, arugula and prosciutto pizza. Kid had fun playing with store-bought pizza dough.
and some other left overs...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What we eat day 8: Happy Birthday Papa!

Week 1 summary:

grocery: $157.09 
Family dine-out: $44
Personal dine-out: $31


toast with home-made lemon marmalade
smoked cheese and strawberries


burger, fries and corn soup
After watching the brutal defeat of Brazil, we went to super late lunch to Baron's Eats, burger/sandwich joint run by local butcher shop and split a burger. Aside from the fact we didn't eat anything until 3pm, we felt it was the perfect burger ever. Flavor is so wonderful we didn't add any ketchup. Same for the fries. So crispy and right amount of salt. Almost want to go back there again tomorrow.  $19


Dinner cooked by papa. Steak, roasted beef tongue, arugula salad, roasted potatoes and veg soup.

sachertorte - with peach jam
Today's husband's birthday! Papa wanted to grill meat so entire dinner was made by him. I made this almost "pinterest nailed-it!" like chocolate cake - mostly due to the loose white icing. But believe, me, it was so good! Our 3 year old who HATES sweets, cakes and chocolates (she only eats ice cream) actually asked for a 2nd slice!

The recipe is here (in Japanese)
bake chocolate butter cake
Original sachertorte requires apricot jam. This time used home-made peach jam instead.

pour some peach syrup on top as well

coat with chocolate. It was the most difficult part.
Also poached peaches with Riesling, sugar and vanilla essence
This time used a small, 5.9 inches cake mold. Just right size for a small family. If you go to Japanese dollar shop like Daiso you can find even smaller one. 

with poached peach. Or serve with whipped cream. 
pizza dough
chocolate chips
heavy cream
Riesling wine
organic sugar

July is a special month with 2 birthdays and I think we'll end up spending more than usual. We're also running out lots of staples such as rice, coffee and other still need to do more grocery run for sure.  $30